June 30 is the day of the tragic death of Anatoly Klyan, a Russian journalist and Channel One cameraman, who was killed in the war in Donbass. DPR Minister of Information Igor Antipov, representatives of the authorities and the public paid tribute to his memory in Donetsk, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports.

“A true journalist works to tell people the truth. A true journalist always lives by this truth. Anatoly Klyan was so. Guided by the principles of professional journalism, he many times risked his life in hotspots of Afghanistan, Chechnya, Yugoslavia and Syria, and the world saw the uncovered truth, the real horror of war thanks to his footage.

Every man has his own front line. The land of Donbass was Anatoly’s last frontier. Realizing today the irreversibility of those events, we clearly understand that we must stand to the end for the sake of our Russian world, for the sake of our brothers, so that the war will end forever in our land. I would like to express posthumously my gratitude to Anatoly for his dedication and sacrifice for our victory,” Igor Antipov stressed.

The gathered laid flowers at the portrait of the deceased journalist at the memorial plaque.

We remind you that on the night of June 30, 2014, outside the military base 1428, which is located near Avdeyevka, Anatoly Klyan together with the camera crew came under fire launched by the armed forces of Ukraine and was mortally wounded. The endlessly devoted cameraman did not let the camera out of his hands till the last.