The warmongering actions the Ukrainian side conducts at the line of contact put the ceasefire in jeopardy of disruption, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin stated on Friday, 14 August. According to him, it is for the other purposes that Ukraine is trying to use the package of additional measures for the enhancement and control of the indefinite ceasefire regime (effective since 21 July 2019), which took so much effort to agree and sign.
“Engineer reconnaissance in the area of Shumy, digging trenches and launching drones are only some of their warmongering actions. The ultimate goal is to move forward and strengthen their positions by covert methods, which clearly does not demonstrate any peaceful intentions. I call on the OSCE leadership and the guarantor countries to take all possible measures and find ways to influence Kiev to get an effective impact: the Ukrainian army must stop defying the ban on offensive operations,” Denis Pushilin stated.
The Head of the DPR noted that DPR People’s Militia units fully comply with the additional measures for the ceasefire control. However, they stand ready to respond to AFU provocations at any time in order to protect the population of the Republic.