Today, on August 17, residents of Khartsyzsk assembled at the Walk of Glory to commemorate those killed by artillery strikes of the armed forces of Ukraine six years ago, the press service of the Donetsk Republic Public Movement reports. Ukrainian militants launched a massive attack with heavy weapons on the town. Civilians were wounded, infrastructure facilities and houses were destroyed. A few days later, the attacks repeated. Mortars and other heavy artillery of the armed forces of Ukraine hit neighborhoods of Khartsyzsk.
“For us, the war is not only frightening, scary shots from films or books, or a picture in the news... We live in Donbass, where hostilities are still going on. For six years we have not stopped shudder with bitter memories when our town was moaning with shell explosions. It is impossible to forget and forgive. Criminal acts must be punished in the name of cherished memory of those whose lives were cut short in this undeclared war,” Head of the Khartsyzsk Town Hall and Secretary of the DRPM local branch Victoria Zhukova said.
The event of memory ended with a minute of silence, those present laid flowers. As previously reported, similar remembrance rallies were held in the towns most affected by the aggression of the armed forces of Ukraine: Kirovskoye, Zhdanovka, Gorlovka, Ilovask, Debaltsevo and others.