On Thursday of August 20, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin held an extended meeting with mayors of towns and districts, where they discussed issues related to the reconstruction and overhaul of housing and social facilities, as well as the peculiarities of the educational process, the press service of the DPR Head’s Administration reports.
Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sergey Naumets made a report. He informed that in 2020, 664 million rubles will be allocated to improve the performance characteristics of systems and facilities of the housing and public utilities sector of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The funds have been allocated to overhaul roofs: 125 million rubles have been provided for 122 residential buildings, design and estimate documentation has been drawn up, 119 positive expert evaluations have been issued, contracts have been concluded for 106 million rubles for 115 houses. Funds have also been allocated to overhaul elevators: 89 million rubles for 197 elevators have been provided, 181 positive expert evaluations have been issued, contracts for 79 million rubles for 171 elevators have been concluded. The work has already been done to 15 elevators. In addition, heat and gas supply facilities will be financed. The amount of 72 million rubles will finance heat and gas supply facilities. Contracts have been concluded, the amount is fully contracted, works are being carried out at eight facilities. A total of 377 million rubles are designed for the modernization of water supply and water disposal facilities. Works are being carried out at six facilities. Sergey Naumets also stressed that the work is ongoing also at facilities that have been damaged by hostilities. The total number of such facilities is 97, the works are carried out at 44 facilities at present. The Minister of Construction also noted that despite the fact that the contracts have been concluded by 72%, there are no delays in the established deadlines. In turn, Chief of the Control Directorate of the DPR Head Olga Korol added that so far only in Zugras there had not been any contract concluded for repairs of elevator facilities. In response to the remark of the Head of State about the unsatisfactory state of affairs in this area, Acting Mayor of Zugres Nikolai Poyaus assured that all contracts would be concluded and the terms met by September 1. Following the discussion on the reconstruction and overhaul of housing and social facilities, Denis Pushilin gave a number of instructions.
“The Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sector of the DPR shall ensure the conclusion of contracts for building and installation works with contractors at housing and social facilities. Deadline: till September 1. Mayors of Zugres, Kirovskoye, Khartsyzsk, Torez shall ensure the conclusion of contracts for the repair of elevator facilities and roofs. Deadline: till August 27,” the Head of the DPR said.
Then the mayors of towns and districts reported on the results of implementation of the official instructions given by the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic at the last meeting. Due to objective reasons, the work on water supply to the village of Nikolayevka in the Telmanovsky district was not completed within the specified period. Head of the Telmanovsky District Administration Alexander Spinul was instructed to solve the problem by August 27.
“The Republic is implementing a set of measures to prepare the main critical infrastructure facilities, including transport infrastructure, for the autumn-winter period. It is necessary to prepare such important area as the public road system with full responsibility,” Denis Pushilin stressed.
Then Transport Minister Dmitry Podlipanov informed about the work carried out to optimize the activities of Avtodor State Enterprise.
“Unfortunately, I see that this year we will again face many challenges. It is necessary to completely change the approach. Now we need to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the situation will not be critical, if the winter is really snowy, with prolonged frosts,” Head of the DPR said and added that the issue of preparing the transport infrastructure for the autumn-winter period must be dealt with at the level of the Government. “I think it is feasible now to instruct the Chairman of the Government to take personal charge of proposals for the reorganization of Autodor SE with all the ensuing moments, including funding for next year and the current autumn-winter period, for which we have to prepare. Now we need to find reserves for each road section. And to understand from the very beginning when the Ministry of Emergency Situations will be involved, so that they do not have to save the situation in an emergency mode. The Chairman must work out this issue and come up with specific proposals by September 1,” Denis Pushilin stressed.
The next issue of the extended meeting concerned the educational process in the new academic year.
“Against the backgrounds of the pandemic, the situation with the spread of COVID-19 remains under control in the Republic. Thanks to the measures taken in time, specialists give a favorable forecast, so the academic year will traditionally begin with a festive holiday on Knowledge Day, September 1. So far, we do not see any signs that the holiday should be held in a remote mode. At the same time, we need to be as vigilant as possible and follow the recommendations of the DPR Health Ministry,” Denis Pushilin said.
Next, Education and Science Minister Mikhail Kushakov reported on the features of the near academic year.
“The specifics of the current stage of reforming the general education system are largely determined by the implementation of the set of measures ensuring its integration with the Russian educational system. In the academic year 2020/21, general education establishments of the Donetsk People’s Republic are completing the transition to new state education standards of primary, basic and secondary general education, which fully comply with the Russian state education standards,” Mikhail Kushakov said.
The Minister stressed that the educational process in the coming academic year in schools of the Republic will be intramural.
“The academic year 2020/21 traditionally begins on September 1 with the holiday of First Bell. We recommend holding festive events with obligatory participation of first-graders and school leavers outdoors. Inviting students of other classes, as well as parents, depends on the possibility of meeting the anti-epidemic requirements and social distance. At the same time, parents must wear masks during the event. The final decision on the format of holding First Bell will be made by the management of an educational establishment in coordination with the local educational authorities and sanitary supervision bodies, based on the epidemic situation and the capacity of the educational organization to ensure sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures. The educational process in the coming academic year in the schools of the Republic will be intramural and will feature additional sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures,” Mikhail Kushakov reported.
At the end of the meeting the Head of State instructed the Minister of Education and Science to ensure the arrangement of educational activities in general education establishments of the Republic in the academic year 2020/21, taking into account the anti-coronavirus measures. The Ministry of Health of the Donetsk People’s Republic was instructed to monitor the compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements throughout the year in educational activities and catering of students in the conditions of higher readiness in connection with COVID-19. Mayors of cities, towns and districts of the Donetsk People’s Republic must organize the work of commissions to assess the readiness of educational establishments of municipal form of ownership to the beginning of the school year, taking into account the implementation of the measures provided for by the higher readiness regime in connection with COVID-19.