Ukrainian security agencies again attempted to recruit DPR People’s Militia military, press officer of the DPR Ministry of State Security Mikhail Popov said in Donetsk on August 27.
“Soldiers of the People’s Militia Andrei Andriyesh and Sergei Balandin turned to the DPR MGB and told about the attempts of recruitment on the part of Ukrainian security agencies,” press officer of the DPR MGB Mikhail Popov stated at the press conference today.
The DPR MGB became aware of the fact that the operation was coordinated by the SBU central office in Kiev. Information about representatives who carried out the recruitment of the People’s Militia military has been obtained. In addition, the phone number from which SBU officers contacted the military became known too.
“Since 2019, 36 soldiers have applied to us with statements about their recruitment by the SBU. The Ukrainian security agencies actively resort to blackmail, bribery and psychological pressure on relatives. Their task is to lure military into Ukrainian territory and induce them to cooperate in subversive and agent activities against the DPR and the LPR,” Popov said.
He also added that in the event that foreign security agencies attempt to carry out recruitment, it is necessary to inform the DPR state security agencies about such attempts immediately. The DPR Ministry of State Security once again warns that only a voluntary acknowledgement of guilt constitutes grounds for exemption from criminal responsibility. In 2019-2020, the Investigative Department of the DPR Ministry of State Security initiated 28 criminal cases against People’s Militia military who were involved in cooperation with Ukrainian security agencies.