Today, on August 31, a mourning rally was held in Zugras in the memory of children who died from the Ukrainian aggression. The event is called “They Will Never Hear a First Bell Again, a correspondent of the DPR Official Website reports.
“War is a terrible word. And it is no accident that the requiem rally for the dead children is held in Zugres. In 2014, civilians, including children, died on the town beach at the hands of Ukrainian militants. This pain will remain in our hearts forever. We call on all inhabitants of the planet: we need peace, children of Donbass need peace!” Deputy Mayor of Khartsyzsk Natalya Bondarenko addressed the audience.
According to representative of the Information Ministry Alla Utitskikh, the event is held annually by the Ministry jointly with the administration of the town.
“We are sorry that this still happens to children. I wish the war ended in the Donetsk People’s Republic and no more children were hurt, so that they could go to school, study and grow up worthy citizens of their Republic,” she said.
Acting Mayor of Zugres Nikolai Poyaus emphasized that we will never forget and will never forgive what Ukraine did to our children. Those present observed a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of the victims and laid flowers at the memorial sign.