Today, on September 1, during the conversation with students of Maxim Gorky Donetsk National Medical University, the Head of State answered a number of relevant questions, one of which concerned the conscription of young people into the armed forces of the DPR.
“I understand that the question arose because there are many rumors, speculations and other things on the Internet. I will tell you this: sooner or later we will still come to the point where conscription will be needed. But this is not conscription to the front line, we have qualified military who defend our borders. The conscription will involve military training in the rear, because a man must remain a man. And, as experience has shown, war can happen at any moment. We did not expect it in 2014, but it came.  Due to the fact that we had had a sufficient number of people who finished the military service and understood what it means to defend their land, we were able to withstand. Too long breaks without conscription may negatively affect the security of future generations of our country. But it is too early to talk about the conscription this year,” Denis Pushilin said.