During his working visit to Debaltsevo, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin handed the keys of a three-bedroom apartment to a large family of the deceased defender of the Republic. In addition, three more families, whose housing was completely destroyed as a result of the Ukrainian aggression, received long-awaited apartments, and one more apartment was given to a member of the military, the press service of the DPR Head’s Administration reports.
Congratulating the happy owners of the new apartments, Denis Pushilin invited the residents of Debaltsevo to ask their questions. The meeting was also attended by Mayor of the town Igor Zakharevich and a.i. Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sector Vladimir Dubovka. Citizens asked about the work of interurban and public transport, housing and public utilities, the opening of the border with the Lugansk People’s Republic and many other questions. As always, the Head of the Republic received many private questions. One of the questions concerned the work the Lokomotiv sports complex, which, according to the residents, does not operate currently. They asked the Head of State to open at least the sports grounds. Denis Pushilin instructed chief of the Donetsk Railways State Enterprise Vladimir Kabatsyi to consider the possibility of opening volleyball and basketball fields and sports facilities where the renovation has been carried out.
“I understand all the difficulties that have arisen and that additional funds are required. I know that some of the gyms have been renovated, so let us try to open them for the residents of the town, but the swimming pool will remain closed yet. Address this issue quickly. Do not drag it out. Do it before the cold weather comes,” the Head of State said.
Also, residents asked to consider the possibility of purifying water bodies in the town in order that people could spend time there. Denis Pushilin instructed the head of the local administration to prepare a list of most popular water bodies to try to put them right. Since Debaltsevo is a town of railroad workers, many residents were concerned about the railroad development prospects.
“Without the railroad, we have no future because it intersects with the coal industry and metals production. These two areas will not survive without the railroad. We are going through a certain crisis now. Not only us, but for the Republic it is harder. As soon as the percentage of companies’ workload raises, the railway will resume its full operation, of course,” Denis Pushilin noted.
Also, according to the residents, Debaltsevo has a problem with the activities of the Ritual SE, people complained that prices for services of this company are higher than in other regions of the Republic. The Head of the State took charge of this issue. Questions about the renovation of elevator facilities, water supply, housing destroyed by Ukraine, work of local bread-baking plant were also addressed to Denis Pushilin, each of the participants in the meeting received a comprehensive answer to their questions. In the course of the communication, people living on Kurchatova Street invited the Head of the Republic to see the sports ground that they had arranged on their own. Denis Pushilin accepted their proposal.
“We still have a lot of sports grounds to build. But we welcome and support such responsibility and initiative of our residents,” the Head of State emphasized.
Note that the roof damaged by Ukrainian armed forces during hostilities in 2014-2015 is being repaired in the yard of the apartment building on Kurchatova Street, where Denis Pushilin had the meeting with the residents of Debaltsevo. This site was included in the Development Program this year. Work has begun at six sites since mid-August in Debaltsevo, it is being carried out at the moment. Houses with both soft and slate roof are being renovated.