For the past 24 hours, the enemy twice violated the Additional Measures for the Enhancement and Control of the Ceasefire Regime, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Oleg Nikitin reported during the briefing in Donetsk on September 7. The 56th brigade committed an act of warmongering by firing small arms at the Volvo Center (Donetsk), while the 54th brigade committed an act of warmongering by using a grenade machine gun near Troitskoye. The shots were indirect and did not endanger the lives of our military and civilians. Defenders of the Republic did not respond to those provocations, did not open fire and monitored the enemy, strictly observing the ceasefire. The Ukrainian party to the JCCC was promptly notified of those cases via the coordination mechanism in order not to let them accuse the People’s Militia of warmongering. Since the morning of September 7, militants from the 79th and 36th brigades have carried out two acts of warmongering by opening indirect fire with a grenade machine gun and small arms at the village of Trudovskaya Mine and Sakhanka, our observers reported that militants from the 53rd AFU brigade had carried out engineering work in the area of Bogdanovka. We remind that according to the list of Additional Measures designed to establish and maintain the ceasefire regime, the Ukrainian party in this case is obliged to take disciplinary action against commander of the 56 separate motorized infantry brigade Ivanov, commander of the 36 separate marine brigade Gnatov, commander of the 54 separate mechanized brigade Maistrenko, commander of the 79 separate airborne assault brigade Lutsenko and commander of the 53 separate mechanized brigade Titenko, then notify the Contact Group’s coordinator of this.