No enemy violations of additional measures to enhance and control the ceasefire were registered over the past day, Spokesman of the DPR People's Militia Dmitry Astrakhan reported at the briefing in Donetsk on September 17. There was confirmed the deployment of four units of weapons and military equipment by the Ukrainian militants from the 35th, 54th and 79th brigades in the residential quarters of Romanovka, Verkhnetoretskoye, Slavnoye and Mironovskoye. With a view to conceal the deployed weapons, the Ukrainian militants were purposefully muting the control and navigation channels of the OSCE SMM aerial photo and video monitoring devices in the responsibility zones of the 53rd and 79th AFU brigades near Maryinka and Granitnoye. Along with that, militants of the 79th brigade blocked the operation of the OSCE stationary surveillance camera near Berezovoye.