Last week, the DPR People’s Militia intelligence detected weapons and military equipment deployed by the AFU in residential quarters of populated localities in the Ukraine-controlled territory, Spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Colonel Eduard Basurin reported during the briefing in Donetsk on September 18.  Our intelligence established that the AFU deployed 41 pieces of military equipment over the past week. — 54th separate mechanized brigade
  • Romanovka: one tank;
  • Verkhnetoretskoye: one infantry fighting vehicle;
  • Nevelskoye: one 135mm 9P148 Konkurs anti-tank missile system at a household plot;
  • Konstantinovka: one armoured combat vehicle in a residential area and one 2B9 Vasilyok mortar.
— the 24th separate mechanized brigade
  • Druzhba: two BTRs-70 in the courtyard of a residential building.
— the 35th separate marine brigade
  • Kalinovo: one Osa anti-aircraft missile system at a household plot;
  • Mironovskoye: one armoured combat vehicle  at a household plot;
  • Novgorodskoye: two infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-1);
  • Pivdennoye: three infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-1).
— the 79th separate airborne assault brigade
  • Slavnoye: one armoured personnel carrier, two infantry fighting vehicles and three armoured combat vehicles in the territory of a private household;
  • Maryinka: one armoured combat vehicle at a household plot;
  • Krasnogorovka: four armoured reconnaissance vehicles;
  • Berezovoye: two infantry fighting vehicles;
  • Novoignatovka: one infantry fighting vehicle in a residential area;
  • Taramchuk: one armoured combat vehicle;
  • Novomikhailovka: one armoured combat vehicle at a household plot.
— the 53rd separate mechanized brigade
  • Novotroitskoye: one armoured personnel carrier;
  • Novogrigorovka: one infantry fighting vehicle at a household plot;
  • Pokrovsk: one tank (T-64) in a residential area;
  • Khlebodarovka: five tanks (T-64);
  • Bogdanovka: three armoured combat vehicles in a residential area.
— the 56th separate motorized infantry brigade
  • Nevelskoye: one armoured reconnaissance and patrol vehicle (BRDM-2) and one armoured combat vehicle.
The OSCE SMM reports confirm the deployment of equipment near residential areas by the AFU.