The Russian Federation is rendering the Donetsk People's Republic great assistance in the fight against the COVID-19 new coronavirus infection, Deputy Health Minister Alexander Levchenko stated at the briefing in Donetsk on September 30.
“To date, 2,082 beds have been equipped in the Republic for patients with COVID-19. As of September 30, 692 patients are under treatment. Intensive care beds have been deployed to provide care to patients in need of oxygen support and urgent emergency measures, specialized beds have been equipped for patients with concomitant pathology in the form of chronic diseases and complications, and there are also wards for children and pregnant women,” the Deputy Minister of Health said.
Levchenko emphasized that there is no reason for concern as the health care system of the Republic is provided with the necessary equipment and medicines.
“All operational tasks are resolved as soon as possible. The Ministry of Health and subordinate institutions are working around the clock seven days a week. Patients are receiving medical care.
Decisions are made promptly in case if any specific medical institution has to be reinforced by transferring anesthesiologists and infectious disease specialists where they are most needed. The heaviest burden is now placed on doctors, paramedics, ambulance nurses and infectious disease doctors, therapists, pulmonologists, and resuscitators,” the Health Ministry senior official emphasized.