The militants of the 36th, 56th, 54th and 35th AFU brigades conducted 15 combat provocations in the Leninskoye, Dzerzhinskoye, Spartak, Kominternovo and Donetsk direction over the past week, Spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Colonel Eduard Basurin reported during the briefing in Donetsk on October 9. By these provocations, the AFU violated Paragraph 2 of the Additional Measures to enhance and control the current ceasefire, namely, the prohibition to open fire. In addition to that, over the past week, our monitors registered 13 explosions at positions of the 35th, 54th and 56th brigades of the AFU. The OSCE Mission confirmed the AFU units' deploying weapons and military equipment near residential buildings and municipal facilities in the Ukraine-controlled territory, which is a violation of Paragraph 3 of the Additional Measures. The enemy deployed eight pieces of weapons and military equipment over the past week. There was also detected the presence of three Strela-10 air defense systems in a residential area on the suburbs of Mariupol. Local residents reported to us that the militants of the 36th brigade had occupied a residential building of one of the local residents and deployed anti-aircraft missile systems in the outbuildings, having dismantled their roofs to enable launches. With a view to conceal the engineering activities and the deployed weapons, the militants of the 35th and 36th AFU brigades used the Bukovel-AD electronic warfare stations of the EW companies to suppress the control channels of the OSCE UAVs on the Gorlovka front near Ivanopol, and on the Mariupol front — near Shirokino.