There have not been any combat provocations from Ukrainian militants for the past 24-hour period, spokesman for the DPR PMD Pavel Fomenko reported at the briefing in Donetsk on October 27. Nevertheless, positions of the 23rd battalion of 56th separate motorized infantry brigade were being upgraded in violation of the current truce. DPR monitors in the JCCC reported about five militants from the 56th brigade who were carrying out engineering work at positions in the Peski area Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, militants from the 36th separate marine brigade’s battalion opened fire with automatic rocket launchers at Leninskoye from their positions near Vodyanoye, having fired five rounds. Also, AFU militants deployed an Osa SAM system from the 35 separate marine brigade in Konstantinovka and an armored combat vehicle in Verkhnetoretskoye from the 54 separate mechanized brigade. In both cases, the armaments were deployed near residential buildings and municipal facilities, which is also confirmed by the OSCE SMM report of 26.10.2020.