Today, on October 15, in the DPR Ministry of Health, Acting Minister of Health Alexander Oprischenko reported on the epidemiological situation in the Donetsk People's Republic related to the coronavirus pandemic, a correspondent of the DPR official site reports.
“The situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection both worldwide and in the Donetsk People’s Republic is unfavorable. To date, we have identified about 5 thousand patients with confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. There are 2 284 people with diagnosed coronavirus infection under treatment in hospitals of the Republic. Many go through the disease in outpatient conditions, at home and have mild cases with ARD signs. Therefore, we call on all residents of the Republic to be responsible complying with the measures for countering the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect particularly vulnerable segments of the population — the elderly and people with chronic diseases — from the infection,” Alexander Oprischenko said.
The Acting Minister of Health also noted that the pharmacy chain does not lack medications. In addition, pharmacies of the Republic will receive a large batch of medications this week.
“As for hospitals, the problem of poor supply was related to insufficient funding. Now quite a large amount of money has been allocated to the medical sector, and since yesterday, Lekarstva Donbass SE has been purchasing medications and personal protective gear. In addition, the first batches of antibiotics, anticoagulants, respirators, masks, gloves, suits with a higher degree of protection, screens, goggles and other things necessary for employees of medical institutions were received,” Alexander Oprischenko informed.