During the past day, the enemy four times violated the existing truce, official representative of the DPR PMD Pavel Fomenko reported at the briefing in Donetsk on November 12.
  • At the Donetsk front, from positions of the 56th brigade located in the Opytnoye area, four ATGM missiles were fired at the terminal of Donetsk Airport, another missile was fired at the village of Vesyoloye. In addition, militants from the 23rd battalion of the 56th AFU brigade carried out engineer work to upgrade their positions near the village of Peski in violation of Clause 1 of the Additional Measures.
  • At the Mariupol front, militants from the 36th brigade opened fire with 82 mm mortars at Leninskoye. During the attempt to open fire again from the same position, the mortar exploded, two militants from the 36th brigade were taken to Mariupol Military Hospital in extremely serious condition.
Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, militants from the 36th brigade continued attacking Leninskoye, having fired twelve 82mm mortar shells. Information about civilian casualties and damage to civil infrastructure is being updated. These facts were promptly communicated to representatives of the Ukrainian JCCC in order not to let them accuse DPR People’s Militia units of provocations. Over the past 24 hours, one BTR-60 from the 54 separate mechanized brigade was deployed near Novobakhmutovka, which violates Clause 3 of the Additional Measures for the Enhancement and Control of the Ceasefire. In order to prevent OSCE SMM drones from detecting prohibited weapons in the responsibility zone of the 56 separate motorized infantry brigade, the use of a flying squad of the 20 separate EW battalion was detected. Its task was to jam flight control and navigation channels of the SMM OSCE by using a Bukovel-AD station.