Ukraine is blocking many of the issues necessary to resolve the armed conflict in Donbass, and is also moving away from the agreements and commitments that were reached earlier, Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR Darya Morozova said today, on November 13, during the show on Oplot TV channel.
“Unfortunately, Kiev has no political will to solve the conflict. Ukraine is blocking many issues. For example, we have four issues that are constantly on the agenda. These are the issues of prisoner exchange, search for missing people and others. It is impossible to say that we have some progress or results at the moment. The Ukrainian side categorically refuses to engage in a direct dialogue with representatives of the republics. Yet another reshuffle of Kiev negotiators took place just recently, this happens systematically. They do it deliberately, as every new negotiator begins to learn the ropes from the scratch. For several years now we have been trying to introduce rules and regulations, but never managed to agree on the introduction of regulations in the subgroup. Accordingly, this gives Ukraine the opportunity to make such a maneuver, to move away from the agreements and obligations that they previously assumed. For example, at the moment there is a very acute issue of procedural clearance of citizens who were released during the prisoner exchange. The Ukrainian side and we signed a document that prescribed specific steps about what Ukraine should have done and what we should have done for it. Moreover, the document stated that all this should have been done within the shortest possible time. All the terms have been met on our part, all those who were transferred are procedurally cleared and the Donetsk People's Republic has no claims to them at the moment. But the procedure of clearance has not been applied to those citizens who were taken to our territory. Moreover, representatives of Kiev claim that the procedural clearance may take years,” Darya Morozova said.