During the past day, the Ukrainian side violated Clause 1 of the Complex of Additional Measures for control over compliance with the truce three times, spokesman for the DPR PMD Pavel Fomenko reported at the briefing on November 18. At the Gorlovka front, militants from the 137th battalion of the 35th marine brigade were carrying out engineer work near Zhovanka. Our video surveillance systems also recorded two violations at the Mariupol front. Militants from the 36th brigade's marine battalion were carrying out engineer work at positions near Vodyanoye. Representatives of the Ukrainian party to the JCCC were notified of the violations for the purpose of taking action. In violation of Clause 3 of the Additional Ceasefire Enhancement and Control Measures, militants from the 72nd AFU brigade redeployed four BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems to Druzhkovka Railway Station and 21 T-72 tanks to Konstantinovka Railway Station. OSCE monitors also confirmed that the 54th brigade deployed a reconnaissance patrol vehicle (BRDM-2) in a residential area of Avdeyevka. At the same time, Ukrainian forces continue to lay minefields, thus endangering the lives and health of local residents and international observers. A group of Ukrainian sappers from the 18th battalion of the 35th brigade additionally planted 50 anti-tank mines near an existing minefield consisting of 320 mines. We call on OSCE and UN representatives stationed in the Joint Forces Operation zone to place attention on the crimes committed by Ukrainian units against the residents of Donbass.