Ukraine once again desecrated the memory of citizens of the Great Patriotic War, having spoken out in support of Nazism, Commissioner for Human Rights in the DPR Darya Morozova claimed.
“Yesterday, the Third (humanitarian) Committee of the UN General Assembly voted for the Russian draft resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism and neo-Nazism. 122 states supported the document, 53 abstained and only two declared their opposition: Ukraine and its handler — the US. The resolution is aimed at counteracting the revival of Nazism and other manifestations of discrimination and intolerance. The document expresses deep concern over the glorification of the Nazi movement, neo-Nazism and former members of the Waffen-SS organization. Having voted in favor of the draft resolution, the overwhelming majority of civilized countries expressed their support for peace and preservation of historical justice, condemning any attempts to promote homicidal fascist ideology. Of course, Ukraine, where today the authorities are trying to radicalize the public consciousness by all means, could not vote for the resolution. But they had the chance just to abstain! At least as a sign of respect for their own grandfathers and great grandfathers who saved the world from the brown plague 75 years ago. However, it seems that modern Ukraine denies such values as justice, responsibility, honor and freedom. I understand very well that the representative of Kiev, who yesterday tried to oppose the adoption of the resolution, expressed not just his personal position. This is the policy of the whole state. But I am very interested, first of all, what do the residents of Ukraine, where almost every family has veterans of the Great Patriotic War, think of such policy? And, secondly, what will Vladimir Zelensky feel when looking into the eyes of veterans? Most importantly, will Mr. President answer for the country's surrender to radicals? Will he be able to explain his actions to his family or pretend that he forgot about his grandfather Semyon, who also fought against Nazi Germany and got awards for that,” Morozova commented on the event.