Over the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian side violated the Complex of Additional Measures of control over compliance with the truce one time, spokesman for the DPR PMD Oleg Nikitin reported at the briefing on November 23. At the Donetsk front, militants from the 56th brigade’s 23rd motorized infantry battalion, from their positions in the Opytnoye area, opened fire with a mounted grenade launcher on Spartak, having fired 12 rounds. Ukrainian militants carried out this combat provocation in the run-up to another meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group for the purpose of concealing engineer work on retrofitting AFU positions. According to the data confirmed by the OSCE SMM report of November 21, 2020, in violation of Clause 1 of the Additional Measures, the 56 brigade’s trenches with a total length of about 360 meters were discovered near the village of Peski. Representatives of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC were promptly notified of the fact of gross violation of the truce in order to take measures against the violators. Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, militants from the 36th brigade's marine battalion fired one grenade at DPR People’s Militia positions in the Kominternovo area. DPR observers from the JCCC also reported an explosion at positions of the 36th brigade's separate marine battalion in the Vodyanoye area, which occurred during engineer work.