OSCE monitors confirm that the Vostok Task Force had 88 units of armament and military equipment deployed in populated localities in the Ukraine-controlled territory this week, spokesman for the DPR PMD Oleg Nikitin reported at the briefing in Donetsk on November 27. From the departing 54 separate mechanized brigade and 72 separate mechanized brigade which arrived to stand in for it: — four Buk SAMs with 12 boxes of ammunition and 17 T-64 tanks at the railway station in Konstantinovka; — 18 122 mm SAU Gvozdika and 12 152 mm SAU Akatsiya at the railway station in Druzhkovka; — five T-64 tanks at the railway station in Krasnoarmeysk; — four BMP-1s near Krasnogorovka; — ten T-64 tanks in Krasnoarmeysk. In addition, the 54 separate mechanized brigade deployed roadblocks near the loading station in order to prevent the OSCE SMM and local residents from registering the concentration and redeployment of prohibited weapons of the AFU. From the 79 separate airborne assault brigade: — four BMPs in Krasnogorovka. From the 35 separate marine brigade: — an armored personnel carrier (MT-LB) near the residential area of Novosyolovka; — one armored reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2 in Romanovka; — one armored combat vehicle in Mayorsk. From the 53 separate mechanized brigade: — three BTR-80s in Nikolayevka; — four BTR-80 armored personnel carriers on the economic territory on the outskirts of Bugas and three 9K33 Osa anti-aircraft missile systems in Kalinovo. From the 36 separate marine brigade: — one ZU-23 in Lebedinskoye. According to our sources, the purpose of the anti-aircraft system in this locality is to conduct training with the personnel of the ZU-23 crew to practice the destruction of OSCE UAVs. In order to conceal from observers the prohibited weapons and military equipment deployed in violation of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian army continues to actively use EW means, blocking the work of OSCE SMM unmanned aerial vehicles flying over the occupied territory along the line of contact. Thus, this week, our observers detected the work of Bukovel AD stations of a EW company of the 36 brigade and a mobile group from the 306 EW separate battalion to jam the channels of control and navigation of OSCE UAVs in the Vodyanoye area and twice in the Shirokino area. Between November 10 and 27, seven cases of the enemy's active use of EW means were registered from the Mariupol front.