Zelensky, addressing the residents of Donbass, assured that Ukraine is open to them, Chairman of the DPR People's Council Vladimir Bidyovka commented on this statement.
“I am absolutely sure that this is just another populist move. Normal work of checkpoints may begin only in concurrence with the republics and after the epidemiological situation stabilizes in Ukraine. We understand that the illusion of “open gates” between Donbass and Ukraine is a trap. An invitation to the execution in the truest sense of the word. Obviously, against the background of the catastrophic epidemiological situation in Ukraine, constant abysmal records for the number of people infected with COVID-19 and rapidly growing death rates, uncontrolled work of checkpoints are a direct danger to the lives and health of our citizens. Our side has elaborated optimal mechanisms for the work of checkpoints, which provide for all necessary safety measures. But Kiev has ignored all rational proposals. At the same time, on November 13, Ukraine unilaterally shortened the opening hours of checkpoints, which confirmed that those statements are an imitation of activity directed exactly against the residents of Donbass and not correlated with the interests of the citizens,” the Speaker of the Parliament said.
He also noted that for the Ukrainian president the main thing is not to bring actual benefit to people, but his own ratings and propaganda, and his appeal to the residents of Donbass is the top of cynicism.
“The Ukrainian president demonstrated such hypocritical strategy not the first time. We remember well how Zelensky invited Russian journalists in Paris to Ukraine and how they were send back on the border at best, or detained under far-fetched charges at worst. But the true motives of the Kiev side can be understood if you pay attention to the draft law that are currently being considered by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In particular, they are considering Shmygal’s draft law on the detention and internment of Russian citizens in the Ukrainian territory. All this does not line up with “peace-loving statements” from the Ukrainian president. Kiev has chosen the path of fascism and is confidently following it. And even those who voted for Zelensky stopped believing him. Our citizens all the more have no reason to take the Ukrainian president’s statements seriously,” Bidyovka added.