During the past week, AFU militants violated the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Control Measures 16 times, Spokesman for the DPR PMD Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing on December 4. In violation of Clause 2 of the Additional Measures, the enemy carried out 12 firing provocations in the direction of Vesyoloye, Leninskoye, Kominternovo, the village of Gagarin Mine in Gorlovka. In violation of Clause 1 of the Additional Measures, militants from the 36th brigade used a Mavic Pro UAV. In the Kominternovo area, the enemy UAV was forcibly landed with the use of a Terikon-M2N EW station, the drone had a device for dropping a grenade launcher fragmentation round.
“It is important to note that in order to conceal the cases of firing by the AFU, representatives of the Ukrainian JCCC repeatedly falsified data on ceasefire violations at the line of contact by removing the facts of shooting on the side of Ukraine and falsely including facts of violations by the People's Militia,” Eduard Basurin stressed.
In violation of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian command continues to redeploy heavy weapons, which should have stayed at disengagement places, in the Joint Forces Operation zone. During the week, OSCE Mission observers confirmed the deployment of 71 units of heavy armament and military equipment of the Vostok task force. In order to hide from the observers the prohibited weapons and military equipment deployed in violation of the Minsk Agreements, enemy units continue to actively use EW means to disrupt the work of OSCE SMM unmanned aerial vehicles flying over the territory occupied by the AFU along the line of contact.
“Thus, last week, our observers registered the work of Bukovel AD stations from the 36 brigade’s EW company and a EW flying squad from the 306 EW separate battalion to jam the channels of control and navigation of OSCE UAVs in the areas of Berdyanskoye and Avdeyevka. In total, between November 28 and December 4, there were 4 cases of the enemy's active use of EW equipment at the Mariupol front. Moreover, Ukrainian specialists from the 306th EW battalion are testing a Bivak experimental jamming station to disrupt the radio signal from OSCE SMM cameras installed at the line of combat contact from the Mariupol front,” Eduard Basurin said.
Also, in order to prevent the observers from visiting the areas where the banned Ukrainian weapons are concentrated, militants are sowing mines on the access routes to them. We registered such facts on public roads near Vodyanoye, Gnutovo, Chernenko and Pavlopol.