The armed forces of Ukraine violated the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Control Measures one time in 24 hours, a spokesman for the DPR PMD reported during the briefing in Donetsk on December 7
  • At the Donetsk front, militants from the 56th AFU brigade’s 23rd battalion were carrying out engineer work to retrofit their positions in the Peski area.
Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, observers of the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC detected engineer work at positions of the 503rd battalion of the 35th brigade in the Shumy area. By such actions, the enemy violates Clause 3 of the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Control Measures. The facts of violation were brought to the attention of representatives of the Ukrainian party to the JCCC with the aim of taking disciplinary measures against militants of the 56th and 35th brigades and their commanders, followed by informing the OSCE coordinator in the Contact Group. In addition, over the past day, the intelligence of the DPR PMD revealed three units of armament and military equipment of the AFU, which militants also deployed in violation of Clause 3 of the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Control Measures. Thus, Ukrainian militants disguised an Osa anti-aircraft missile system in an outbuilding in the responsibility zone of the 72 brigade on the western outskirts of Avdeyevka, and also deployed an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP-1) in a residential area of Ocheretino and an armored scout vehicle (BRDM) in the Opytnoye area.