Over the past 24 hours, the AFU violated Clause 1 of the Complex of Additional Measures two times, particularly, the ban on offensive and reconnaissance-sabotage actions, spokesman for the DPR PMD Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing on December 9. So far, the Ukrainian side has not published the results of the investigations into the December 4 attack on Leninskoye, as the result of which two of our soldiers were killed, and the December 5 attack on the village of Trudovskaya Mine, where two residential buildings were damaged. At the Donetsk front, our video surveillance systems recorded militants from the 56th AFU brigade’s 37th battalion performing engineer work on upgrading their positions in the Opytnoye area.
“At the Mariupol front, militants from the 36th brigade's separate marine battalion were carrying out engineer work to upgrade their positions in the Vodyanoye area, where three militants had been blown up by Ukrainian mines the previous day. A group of sappers arrived at the Vodyanoye area to ensure that new positions could be upgraded safely to save the lives of the 36th brigade's militants. Four more explosions occurred during their work. We do not rule out that the explosions, according to an agreement between the command of the 36th brigade and the JCCC of Ukraine, will be passed off as attacks by the People's Militia,” Eduard Basurin said.
Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, militants from the 56th AFU brigade’s 37th battalion have continued to carry out engineer work at positions in the Opytnoye area, during which two explosions occurred. At the same time, it is still relevant to conduct a joint inspection with the involvement of the OSCE, the DPR JCCC and Ukraine at positions near Shumy.
“In September of this year, thanks to the efforts of the Head of the Republic, it was possible to draw the attention of the public and international observers to the fact that AFU militants had built up new positions in the Shumy area. However, the Ukrainian side demonstratively disrupted the joint inspection. On December 7, our video surveillance systems once again recorded that militants from the 35th AFU brigade’s 503rd battalion had carried out engineer work to upgrade their positions in the area. We believe it is important that international observers focus their attention on the ongoing work being done by Ukrainian militants to build up positions in the Shumy area near a civilian infrastructure facility — the water main of the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal, which supplies water to over 2 million people,” Eduard Basurin stressed.
Military of the DPR People's Militia continue to monitor the enemy, ready to respond adequately to various provocations on orders from the command.