Over the past 24 hours, there has been a spike in firing activity of Ukrainian militants during the entire period of effectivity of the Complex of Additional Measures, Spokesman for the DPR PMD Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing on December 10. The enemy committed seven violations, five of which were ceasefire-related. Ukrainian militants fired 42 mortar shells of 120 mm and 82 mm calibers on the territory of the Republic.
  • At the Gorlovka front, militants from the 35th AFU marine brigade’s 503rd battalion fired 18 mortar shells of 82mm caliber in the direction of the village of Mine 6-7 in Gorlovka from their positions near Dzerzhinskoye.
  • At the Mariupol front, militants from the 36th AFU brigade’s marine battalion fired two SPG rounds at the Novaya Tavriya area from their positions near Vodyanoye.
In addition, our observers reported that militants from the 36th marine brigade were doing engineer work to build up new positions in the Vodyanoye area. They carried out six explosions of the ground during the work.
“We do not rule out that the explosions will once again be passed off by the Ukrainian side as attacks by the DPR PM, with the help of a crew from Ukrainian TV channels Channel 5, 1+1 and Ukraine, who are working in the responsibility zone. Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, militants from the 36th AFU brigade’s marine battalion have used 120 mm mortars, having fired 12 shells at Leninskoye from their positions in the Vodyanoye area, and also opened fire twice with 120 mm mortars at the Novaya Tavriya area, having fired 12 more shells. In order to put an end to the enemy aggression, we were forced to neutralize their firing activity by using weapons not prohibited by the Minsk Agreements. We also destroyed a Ukrainian Mavic drone, with whose help militants from the 36th brigade were adjusting mortar fire,” Eduard Basurin said.
Information on civilian casualties and the scale of destruction of civil infrastructure in the south of the Republic is being clarified.