In the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian armed forces opened fire on the territory of the Republic three times. In addition, observers reported four cases of violation of the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Control Measures, a spokesman for the DPR PMD told in more detail at the briefing in Donetsk on December 14.
  • At the Gorlovka front, militants from the 35th AFU brigade’s 503rd marine battalion carried out fortification work to retrofit positions near Dzerzhinsk (Yuzhnaya Mine), during which two explosions occurred.
  • At the Donetsk front, the enemy fired two grenades with an underbarrel grenade launcher at Vesyoloye from positions near Vodyanoye. In addition, one explosion occurred at enemy positions near Maryinka, where militants from the 79th AFU brigade’s 2nd airborne assault battalion were carrying out engineer work.
  • At the Mariupol front, militants from the 36th brigade's marine battalion attacked Novaya Tavriya by using SPGs from positions near Lebedinskoye, and opened fire at Kominternovo from positions near Talakovka by using SPGs and small arms. In addition, the Republic's observers recorded two instances of the marine battalion engaging in engineer work to retrofit positions near Vodyanoye.
They also found the deployment of an Osa surface-to-air missile system in the yard of a residential building on the outskirts of Lebedynskoye, a BMP-1 and a BRDM from the 36th AFU separate marine brigade in the residential area of Vodyanoye. The facts of gross ceasefire violation were promptly reported to representatives of the Ukrainian party to the JCCC in order to take action against the violators and exclude the possibility to falsify data on ceasefire violations by Ukrainian militants.