During the call-in show with Denis Pushilin, a resident of Ukraine, Russian language teacher who is unemployed now, asked a question about the mistreatment of Russian speakers.
“We see what they are doing in Ukraine against those who continue to defend their right to speak their mother tongue: there are fines, beatings, denunciation against teachers who speak Russian. Hundreds of our like-minded brothers end up in Ukrainian prisons today. This year, the Verkhovna Rada registered the draft law on internment by the Cabinet of Ministers, according to which Russians will be detained and taken to concentration camps under the SBU supervision without right of appeal. Ukraine has literally signed its unwillingness to respect human rights. Of course, this policy of superiority of one person over another began back in 2004; it manifested itself someway even earlier, but Kiev showed its bestial face six years ago. We have seen what the Ukrainian nationalists are capable of, and we will remember the events of May 2 in Odessa, the airstrikes and attacks on civilians in Donbass, the tears of our mothers and wives, the deaths of our relatives and comrades. Just like then, the new Ukrainian rulers are going to destroy us. We see Zelensky repeating the policy of discrimination against Russians, but we have formed our own armed forces and they are proving their ability to protect their people. In 2014, we basically rebelled against the coup in Ukraine, against Nazism and genocide. We, the heirs of the Great Victory, were not afraid to take up arms and defend our land. Every family in Donbass has photographs of defenders of the Motherland, and it is beyond sad that photographs of our contemporaries — grandchildren and great grandchildren of soldiers of the heroic Soviet Army who defeated fascism in 1945 — join processions of the Immortal Regiment. There is no future without knowledge of history! We want our children to know not only the modern history of Donbass, but also the whole path of our people — Donbass has always been Russian and has been part of the Russian state for many centuries! Today the document is widely discussed that will become a basis of understanding of cultural and historical development of Donbass, our world outlook, mentality, formation of ideology of the Donetsk People's Republic. Two days ago, I took part in the discussion on the Russian Donbass Doctrine, whose main idea is that we, all inhabitants of the Republic, are like-minded; we, like all Russians, are united by common values. Russians in Ukraine cannot defend themselves fully now, and the doctrine says that Donbass should become a center of gravity, a stronghold of revival of the Russian World for all regions of Ukraine that have historically been Russian.” Pushilin stressed.