In the past year, the leadership of Ukraine and its armed forces repeatedly tried to destabilize the situation in Donbass, Spokesman for the DPR PMD Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing on December 25.
“2,111 ceasefire violations by Ukraine were registered in 2020. The largest number of violations occurred at the Donetsk front, where Ukrainian militants violated the ceasefire regime 1238 times. More than 17,438 items of ammunition were fired on populated localities of the Republic, of which 811 were artillery and mortar shells. During the year, a total of 572 houses and civilian infrastructure facilities of the Republic were hit by Ukrainian militants, of which 16 were completely destroyed. Critical social facilities, schools and hospitals were deliberately attacked. At the hands of Ukrainian militants, five civilians of the Republic were killed and 40 wounded, including seven children,” Eduard Basurin said.
Air defense units of the Republic detected and shot down 33 enemy unmanned aerial vehicles used by Ukrainian militants to drop explosive devices on positions of the People's Militia, as well as to adjust fire on populated localities of the Republic.
“The DPR Prosecutor General’s Office opened 102 criminal cases on these crimes. In total, since the beginning of the armed conflict, more than two and a half thousand materials have been sent to the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court, containing the evidence of crimes that Ukrainian militants committed against the population of Donbass, of which 221 materials on deliberate harm to the health of persons under 18 years of age. I can assure you that not a single official who gave criminal orders to open fire at civilians and those who executed those orders will evade responsibility for what they have done,” Eduard Basurin emphasized.
In the outgoing year, the AFU continued to use sabotage-reconnaissance groups. Not a single raid brought any results to the enemy, except for losses among their own militants. Out of 15 attempts to send sabotage groups, 8 brought grief to the families of Ukrainian militants. The most headline-making case was the raid of Ukrainian marines from the 35th brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine, during which three soldiers were killed, including foreign mercenaries.