Today, on December 28, Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin took part in the plenary meeting of the People's Council. According to a correspondent of the official website of the DPR, the Head of State delivered the annual address to the MPs, where he appreciated the work of the parliament, and also outlined the main tasks given to the MPs for coming 2021.
“Dear members of the People's Council, citizens of the Donetsk People's Republic! The expiring year became another challenge to all of us. The situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection recalibrated the implementation of many tasks. We were forced to concentrate all our efforts on the issues related to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the Republic and saving the lives and health of our citizens. I can now say with confidence that we have succeeded. Thanks to the timely introduction of preventive measures, the heroic deeds of our doctors and collective cohesion, the situation has been and remains under control. This once again shows that the strength of Donbass lies in its unity and commitment to common goals. Therefore, we are capable of solving any difficulties, even the most insurmountable. We all are government authorities: every civil servant, every employee of the public sector, every citizen of the Donetsk People's Republic. We have much to be proud of in other spheres as well. We can be proud of our achievements and successes, which, I am sure, will be multiplied in the coming year 2021. I am talking now about the Program for Recovery and Development, which was successfully implemented within a limited time frame, the growth of economic indicators, the increase in social guarantees for the citizens and victories in the foreign-policy arena. Next year we will continue working on these areas, solving large-scale tasks that our state faces.” Denis Pushilin said.
In his address, the Head of the Republic noted that it is impossible to solve economic and social political tasks without a solid law system. In the outgoing year, parliamentarians passed 22 draft laws and made 105 amendments to effective laws. Among the most important ones, there are amendments to the Article 10 of the Constitution of the DPR, according to which Russian gained the status of the only state language, and others. Among the main tasks that the People's Council had, the Head of State mentioned the enactment of draft laws aimed at improving the welfare of citizens of the Republic and the creation of comfortable living conditions. Among them, Denis Pushilin mentioned the adopted Labor Code of the DPR, draft laws on investment activities, on the licensing of certain activities, the elaboration of the law on cross-border cooperation with the Russian Federation.
“The government will have to do a lot of work aimed at the main thing: to improve the welfare of citizens of the Republic and create comfortable living conditions. These draft laws will concern all spheres of society, the handling of problematic issues of families and children, socially vulnerable categories of citizens, the industrial sector, small and medium-sized businesses, defenders of Donbass. We must do everything that depends on us so these laws will be able to work in full force next year. In addition, our entrepreneurs are very much waiting for the launch of the “regulatory guillotine”, credit and preference granting. They are also counting on the restriction of controlling functions on the part of public authorities. The stimulation and support of businesses with the simultaneous introduction of anti-corruption mechanisms will lay down the conditions to boost working assets and will contribute to the growth of the overall production,” Denis Pushilin said.
At the end of his speech, the Head of the DPR called on the MPs to arrange the work to the effect that the implementation of plans and tasks for 2021 will face neither problems associated with discrepancies and inconsistencies, nor bureaucratic delays in close cooperation with representatives of all government authorities.