On January 13, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin commented on the situation with the delivery of the anticoronavirus vaccine to the country. According to him, medical workers, education employees and social workers will be vaccinated first, a correspondent of the official website of the Donetsk People's Republic reports.
“We are waiting now for the vaccination, as we said before. We planned to do it in December, but the situation has moved to January for technical reasons. So, in January we are really getting the vaccine. Now, all the preparations are ongoing, places where the vaccination will be given and where the vaccine will be kept are being prepared. And, of course, lists are being drawn up now. First of all, as we previously said, it is health workers, education employees and social workers, who come into contact with people,” the Head of State told.
Also, the Head of the Republic described the current situation with the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the functioning of medical facilities and the availability of necessary medications.
“The situation as of today is as follows: there has been a spike in recent days, but the situation remains under control and the margin of safety is quite serious. COVID-19 facilities have enough beds and some to spare. As for the necessary medications, the situation also remains quite stable. So I do not see any problems here,” Denis Pushilin summed up.