Over the past week, AFU militants violated the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Enhancement and Control Measures 42 times. In violation of the second clause of the Additional Measures, the enemy carried out 40 provocations with the use of weaponry, official spokesman for the DPR PMD Oleg Nikitin reported during the briefing on January 22. In addition, our observers registered two violations of Clause 1 of the Additional Measures, namely, the conduct of engineer work to retrofit positions. One time by militants from the 23rd battalion of the 56th AFU separate motorized infantry brigade near Peski and one time by militants from the 36th brigade’s marine battalion near Talakovka.
“The enemy continues to endanger the lives and health of civilians by placing weapons and equipment in populated areas. In violation of Clause 3 of the Additional Measures, which provides for the ban on deployment of weapons in populated areas and their vicinity, 43 units of weaponry and military equipment of the Vostok strategic force were revealed during the past week,” Oleg Nikitin said.
The enemy used electronic warfare equipment to jam the flight control and navigation signals of OSCE SMM UAVs in order to conceal the deployed weapons, as well as the conduct of engineer work, from international observers. In addition, military from the 28th brigade’s 3rd battalion planted 185 anti-tank mines on public roads and in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings in Krasnogorovka without putting up mine danger signs.