Over the past 24 hours, the armed forces of Ukraine violated the Complex of Additional Ceasefire Compliance Measures 6 times, official spokesman for the DPR PMD Oleg Nikitin reported at the briefing on January 26.
  • At the Gorlovka front, militants from the 35th brigade’s 503rd separate marines battalion fired eight 120mm mortar shells and nine grenades at the village of the Gagarin Mine in Gorlovka, and also used small arms.
  • At the Donetsk front, militants of the 56th brigade from positions in Opytnoye fired 5 AGS grenades at Spartak. Also, militants of the 28th AFU brigade’s 1st mechanized battalion from their positions near Maryinka attacked the area of Aleksandrovka with small arms, and 12 BMP-1 rounds were fired at the area of Yelenovka and small arms were used from positions of the mechanized battalion of the 1st separate tank brigade near Taramchuk.
In addition, in violation of Clause 3 of the Additional Measures, three BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles from the 3rd motorized infantry battalion of the 72nd brigade were deployed in private residences in Vesioloye. The Ukrainian side continues to obstruct the work of international observers in order to prevent the detection of prohibited weapons deployed near residential buildings. Thus, militants of the 56th brigade in the area of Opytnoye used a Bukovel-AD EW station from a flying squad of the 306th separate EW battalion and opened small arms fire at an UAV of the OSCE Mission. For the same purpose, the enemy also used a Bukovel-AD electronic warfare station from a flying squad of the 306th separate EW battalion from positions of the 3rd mechanized battalion of the 72nd brigade with the task of jamming the flight control and navigation channels of OSCE SMM drones in the Avdeyevka area. The OSCE report of January 25 confirms that 72th brigade militants used small arms to attack the area through which the bus route for the transportation of DFS shifts runs, as we had stated on January 24. Since the beginning of the current 24-hour period, militants of the 3rd mechanized battalion of the 72nd brigade from positions near Avdeyevka opened fire twice at the area of Yakovlevka with grenade launchers and small arms, firing 6 grenades. Also, militants of the 36th brigade from positions located near Gnutovo opened fire in the direction of Kominternovo by using automatic grenade launchers.
“Our defenders did not respond to the provocations of the enemy, continue monitoring and strictly observing the current ceasefire, are ready for an adequate response to the actions of the enemy. The facts of violations were promptly reported to representatives of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC to exclude the falsification of data on ceasefire violations by Ukrainian militants and take measures against the violators,” Oleg Nikitin stressed.