On February 4, Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin held an extended teleconference on the state of the healthcare system during the period of the coronavirus infection. The meeting was attended by acting Minister of Health Alexander Oprishchenko and chief physicians of medical institutions of the Republic, the press service of the Administration of the DPR Head reports. At the beginning of the meeting, Denis Pushilin highlighted the issues on the agenda.
“We will discuss the current situation in the healthcare sphere, issues of the vaccination against the coronavirus, the provision of medical institutions with medications, personal protective gear, oxygen, medicines and medical equipment, and will also see how the tasks assigned during the previous meetings were fulfilled,” the Head of the Republic said.
Denis Pushilin stressed that as part of the vaccination campaign in the DPR, every resident should know how to get the free vaccine.
“From my own experience, I can say that the procedure is quite simple, does not require much time, and is conducted in accordance with the requirements of all relevant protocols,” Denis Pushilin stressed.
In his report, Alexander Oprishchenko noted that as of February 4, there had been 21,042 officially confirmed patients with the coronavirus in the Republic.
“At the moment in the Republic there are 29 hospital bases with a total capacity of 2,442 beds, of which 700 are beds with oxygen support,” the acting minister clarified.
According to him, more than 1 600 people have been vaccinated since the beginning of the vaccination campaign. All the necessary information is on the website of the DPR Ministry of Health and social networks.
“There should be no acute respiratory diseases at the time of the vaccination, the exacerbation of chronic diseases is a contraindication. If a person has had COVID-19, the vaccination is not contraindicated, but at least six months must pass since recovery. Patients must bring to the vaccination either an outpatient card or an abstract from an outpatient card. Special tests or examinations of specialists are not conducted according to the vaccination instruction,” Alexander Oprishchenko said and added that during the vaccination campaign it is planned to vaccinate more than 50 thousand people throughout the Republic.
The Head of the DPR emphasized the need to raise public awareness about the vaccination procedure, and urged chief physicians to post all the necessary information in medical institutions. Next, Elena Baun, Chief Physician of Donetsk Central City Clinical Hospital 1, spoke about plans to vaccinate employees at the hospital.
“As of today, there are 689 employees in the hospital base, 381 of whom have had a coronavirus infection. 213 have undergone initial EIA testing, and they can be vaccinated,” Elena Baun said.
She also noted that there are currently 148 people at the base, which has capacity for 410 patients.
“We have no problems with oxygen concentrators. Thank you very much for the fact we are fully provided with oxygen. We have more than enough protective gear, as well as disinfectants,” Elena Baun stressed.
Answering the question from the Head of the Republic whether the institution continues to prescribe aftertreatment for patients who suffered from COVID-19, the chief physician replied that this process is regular. The Republic Center of Occupational Pathology and Aftertreatment is one of such institutions. As noted during the meeting Elena Lyashenko, chief physician of the institution, to date more than 200 people have been treated at the center.
“There are 96 beds for aftertreatment. At the moment there are 56 people staying here. We actively cooperate with COVID-19 bases. According to the agreement, patients with negative tests for COVID-19 are transferred to us for further treatment or full rehabilitation,” Elena Lyashenko said, adding that the Center has a huge range of possibilities, including physical therapy treatment.
The Head of the Republic emphasized that medical institutions offering such services do not function everywhere, and instructed the acting Minister of Health to prepare proposals for the development of an aftertreatment program for medical workers in the DPR.
“Alexander Alexandrovich, today we can already talk about our own experience in the aftertreatment of patients who have had COVID-19. Since not everywhere there are such centers. In this regard, I am waiting for proposals from you to develop an aftertreatment program for medical workers of the Donetsk People's Republic. I ask you to solve this issue in a very balanced way. Medical workers who have fallen ill are trying to get back to work as soon as possible, which is understandable, based on their motives. But we have to take care of our medics,” Denis Pushilin said.
The Head of State also instructed to work out the issue of COVID-19 aftertreatment of compatriots living in the Ukraine-controlled territory
“I would like to draw your attention to the following. As you know, at the Russian Donbass forum held in the Republic, it was decided to continue and intensify the work to support our compatriots living in the territory temporarily under the control of Ukraine, as well as all Russians and Russian-speakers who need support and live in the whole of Ukraine. I believe it is our duty. Based on our experience, we will be able to cope with this,” the Head of the DPR summed up.