The second consignment of the Gam-COVID-Vac vaccine under the Sputnik V trademark produced in the Russian Federation was delivered to the Donetsk People's Republic as humanitarian aid on March 2. The vaccine is intended for the free-of-charge immunization of the Republic population against COVID-19, a correspondent on the DPR official website reports.
“A large consignment of vaccine has been delivered. Following recalculations, it will be distributed among the vaccination centers. Delivery of the drug to medical institutions will be launched today. We are expecting more batches of vaccine to arrive this week,” Acting DPR Minister of Health Alexander Oprishchenko said.
He noted that the population, primarily health workers, social workers and representatives of law enforcement agencies, that is, people at the highest risk of contracting coronavirus get inoculated at pre-determined and prepared medical institutions. Then the rest of the Republic population will be vaccinated in a second phase.
Recall that vaccination against the coronavirus infection is carried out at 38 vaccination centers deployed on the basis of medical institutions of the Republic. Registration for vaccine shots runs both on the DPR Health Ministry website and directly in the registries of these medical institutions.