Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin attended the celebrations organized by the Night Wolves All-Russian Motorcycle Club on Thursday, March 18 to mark the seventh anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the press office of the Administration of the DPR Head reports. https://youtu.be/CYrU9AO18oc According to the established holiday tradition, a motor rally took place along the Simferopol–Sevastopol–Mount Gasforta route. At the site near Mount Sapun, the Simferopol convoy joined with the one from Sevastopol. Denis Pushilin, State Duma deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Andrei Kozenko, Head of the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club Alexander Zaldastanov (The Surgeon), Head of the Donbass branch of the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club Vitaly Kishkinov (Prosecutor), and Russian rock singer Yulia Chicherina also met here.
“There is the Russian spirit, Russian people, like-minded people, and friends here. Crimea is home already. We continue following this path – it is more difficult, but absolutely definitely heading towards Russia, our Big Homeland,” the Head of the DPR stated when talking with journalists.
Denis Pushilin added that he traditionally visits Crimea on these holidays to meet with friends and personally congratulate them. He also stressed that the Crimean developments of 2014 served as a kind of example for the Donbass republics. Further, the motor convoy headed by Denis Pushilin and Alexander Zaldastanov headed to the foot of Gasforta, where a memorial stone was opened on the Russian Spring alley and seedlings of three trees were planted. Denis Pushilin planted a juniper sapling with the Night Wolves all-time leader. According to Alexander Zaldastanov, that juniper sapling had arrived from the Donetsk People's Republic. There was also planted a plane tree from Feodosia and an oak tree from Belogorsk. Mayor of Belogorsk Igor Ipatko, clarified that the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club received on March 16 a seven-year-old sapling grown from an acorn of the Suvorov oak, under which in the 18th century there were taking place events related to the integration of Crimea into the Russian Empire.
“Today, these parallel events brought us together here, on Mount Gasforta, in this wonderful patriotic action,” Igor Ipatko said. He called Alexander Zaldastanov one of the main patriots of the country and proposed to assign the "patriotic special forces" expression to the Night Wolves.
The festive program continued with a concert given by Yulia Chicherina, Vadim Samoilov and other rock singers. Opening the concert, Alexander Zaldastanov called the Russian Spring a miracle that everyone really needed.
“The idea of ​​the Russian Spring, as that of the Russian World, is amazing, but not complete. And it will remain incomplete if we don’t return Donbass,” the Surgeon stressed.
In his turn, the Head of the DPR congratulated the Crimeans on the seventh anniversary of the Russian Spring and noted that Donbass, like Crimea, had had the honor to defend the interests of the Russian State.
“Russia is winning and regaining its territories, which have been torn off by lies, deception, war and manipulation. Crimea and Donbass are honored to protect Russians not only in their territory, but also abroad,” Denis Pushilin said and added that every effort must be bent to ensure the ssecurity of Russians and Russian-speakers in the former Soviet Union. “The struggle for the Russian World continues. I am sure that the victory will be ours,” Denis Pushilin said.
He called Crimea and Donbass bastions of the Russian World, which had started open resistance.
“The self-awareness of the Russian civilization is only awekening. Enemies are afraid of Russians and Russia for a reason, because they know from the historical experience that, when things get tough for the Russian State in the hardest moments, the Russian people unite, form an effective insurmountable shield and win," the DPR Head concluded.