The AFU militants stepped up shelling the territory of the Republic over the past day, engaging heavy and sniper weapons, Spokesman for the DPR People's Militia Directorate Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing on March 23.
  • On the Donetsk front, militants of the 3rd battalion of the 28th brigade opened sniper fire at a residential quarter of ​​Aleksandrovka.
As previously reported, a 71-year-old civilian of the Republic suffered a mortal wound in the courtyard of his own house on Chelyuskintsev Street as a result of the shelling. It is worth noting that the fire was aimed and the Ukrainian sniper was fully aware of who he was shooting at. The Joint Forces Operation Command attempted diverting attention from the killing of the civilian and gave the order to fire at the People's Militia positions in the ​​Donetsk airport area, and the militants of the 16th battalion of the 58th brigade fired twelve 120mm mortar shells from their positions in the Pesky area.
“We regret to inform you that two defenders of the Republic were killed due to the Ukrainian aggression. We express our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the killed military. The yesterday's deathth of two servicemen and one civilian serve as a vivid confirmation to the fact that Ukrainian militants see all people on the opposite side are just targets for destruction. We address the OSCE Mission with an urgent request not to leave the crime committed by the Ukrainian militants without due attention and appropriate response," Eduard Basurin emphasized.