It would be extremely frivolous and irresponsible of us to be hopeful that Ukraine is drawing up forces and assets to the contact line for the purpose of intimidation alone, Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin said.
“Even if Ukraine really went to such costly dramatizations, it may simply fail to keep the situation under control, especially if someone will be instigating from the outside it in every possible way. Our task is to be ready today, tomorrow, in a month, and in two months. Therefore, our military units are, as they say, fully armed all the time. At the moment, the Ukrainian army is conducting provocative fire, traditionally trying to shift the blame onto our People's Militia. The other party to the conflict again sounds like a broken record, saying that we "fire at ourselves." And any, even the most cynical and brutal shelling is labelled with this fake meme. Such an incident happened just the other day. A retired resident of Aleksandrovka was shot in the head by sniper fire in the courtyard of his own house. The criminals, as I can't really be doing with the word "military" regarding these Ukrainian terrorists, were oreventing the evacuation by conducting targeted fire. But the Ukrainian media present this case as our "firing at ourselves." Thousands of such falsifications create a kingdom of distorting mirrors for the Ukrainian people,” the Head of the Republic noted.
Denis Pushilin explained that, according to various criteria, Kiev is really ready for an offensive, although it will not benefit from unleashing a full-scale war.
“We will quickly turn the advance of their troops into retreat, and I am sure that Ukrainian politicians are agonizing over the question where we will stop if we stop. In the meantime, Zelensky will be aggravating the situation as much as possible, shifting attention from domestic issues to the war allegedly with Russia. At the same time, he is begging his Western "partners", passing the buck to escalation, for dividends of all kinds, including financial ones. There is a threat that Kiev may play it out, and the escalation will gain such momentum that Zelensky will not be able to control it. And the same "partners" will have even more power in this situation: they can simply push the situation, and then the conflict will develop into the hottest phase," the Head of State emphasized.
In his opinion, the Ukrainian delegation goes into some provocations every time Kiev needs to get down to being specific for the conflict to be settled peacefully.
“At the latest meeting, Kiev's negotiators walked out in protest under a strange pretext. They found fault with one of the public representatives in our delegation because of the terrorism charges, and the republics' residents often face such charges due to the fact alone that these people, for example, work in the DPR. Let me emphasize: the Ukrainian party is not making any bones about its intentions to disrupt any possible dialogue. This is a very bad sign. Kiev continues to exacerbate the situation. The disruption of the meeting under a far-fetched pretext, aggravation on the line of contact, manipulations with documents at the Minsk and Normandy platforms – all of these make the link of blatant unwillingness to negotiate diplomatically. But we are confident in our readiness to thwart any diplomatic or military attack, which means that in a wide variety of scenarios we will be able to protect and defend the interests of the residents of the republics, of our Donbass,” Denis Pushilin concluded.