On March 30, Head of the Donetsk People's Republic and Supreme Commander Denis Pushilin visited one of the military training grounds and inspected complex combat training exercises held by the DPR People's Militia units, the press office of the Administration of the Head of the DPR reports.
Preceding the training, Colonel Yaroslav Anika, the Chief of Staff of the 5th separate Oplot squad, reported to the Head of the Republic about the training combat missions plan that the units would have to perform. During the training, the tank crews practiced driving and firing exercises. The artillerymen honed their live-firing skills from various firing positions. Motorized rifle units trained in repelling an attack and launching a counter-offensive. While at the training ground, Denis Pushilin visited a training site for the preparation of air defense crews, where he completed a firing exercise, shooting at air targets with small arms. In addition, the Supreme Commander examined the equipment of the mobile company, formed this year based on the experience of the Karabakh conflict, and visited training place for artillery fire control. At the military shooting range, where the servicemen practice verification fire exercises with small arms, Denis Pushilin perfectly well completed an exercise of shooting with an SVD sniper rifle. The visit to the integrated training was concluded by the inspection of the tank crews training at a tankodrome.
At the end of the target-firing exercises and maneuvers, the Head of State emphasized the high professional training level of personnel and commanders, as well as the readiness of the DPR People's Militia to perform missions of any complexity.
“These days, we hold exercises regularly, taking into account the threats that Ukraine's aggression entails. Our units are combat ready on a permanent basis. With regard to these exercises, I would say that the rating level is close to excellent. There is still some work to be done, but it is absolutely safe to say that our military are ready for any and every eventuality,” Denis Pushilin said.
A total of about 500 servicemen took part in the combat training exercises.