On Saturday of April 3, on air of Soloviev LIVE, Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Denis Pushilin stated that a five-year-old child had died that day as a result of the detonation of an unidentified explosive object, but official information will be available in follow-up to the work of law enforcement agencies, the press office of the Head of State reports.
“Once we have all the official information, we will definitely give it to the public. Now we can say that the child died. The child is no longer alive. The child was born and died during the war, he simply did not see a different life. He was five years old..." Denis Pushilin said.
The Head of State stressed that the situation in the Republic remains extremely alarming.
"The escalation is obvious: the number of attacks, the number of shells fired... Only in the last two days, the Republic was targeted by about 50 shells of 120mm calibre," Denis Pushilin specified.
In response to a comment by Vladimir Soloviov who said that the 120mm calibre is prohibited by the Minsk Agreements, the DPR Head replied that Ukraine holds nothing sacred and the AFU resort to the warfare methods prohibited by any conventions.
“Can we say that shells of a smaller calibre are not prohibited? They kill people, kill children. And I don't know which words it would be right to say in this case. We have been living in such a state for seven years: sometime more peaceful, sometime more escalated. But there was no period when we would say that a ceasefire has become effective. In fact, there has never been any ceasefire. There were periods when they would do a little less shooting. There were periods when it was impossible to open fire, but they used sabotage groups. When we closed the border with Ukraine, making it difficult for sabotage groups to infiltrate into our territory, information warfare methods were used, which is also extremely dangerous in the current situation. Now there is an escalation. They resort to everything and hold nothing sacred. They use unmanned aerial vehicles, shells, mortars, use the warfare methods prohibited by any conventions. They hide their equipment in residential quarters – all of this has been documented. We are not brutals unlike them. We do not shoot, and we will not shoot at residential quarters where their equipment is hidden. But shells are fired from over there and take human lives. It is not ten people that have died, but tens, thousands of crippled lives of the families who have lost their loved ones. These are children who were born during the war and have already died during the war. They have not seen a different life. This is what we are dealing with these days. We are, I'm afraid,” Denis Pushilin said.