As previously reported, a UN Security Council meeting on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements for the conflict settlement in Donbass will be held in an Arria-Formula mode today at 6 p.m. Moscow time, December 2, at the initiative of the Russian Federation, the DPR Representative Office to the JCCC reports.

Representatives of the DPR and the LPR to the Contact Group Natalya Nikonorova and Vladislav Deynego, as well as well-known Ukrainian political scientist Mikhail Pogrebinsky, will participate in the meeting.

Unfortunately, in the course of preparation for the meeting, Germany and France demonstrated a destructive stance, having reacted extremely negatively to the fact that the voice of Donbass would be heard for the first time on a world stage, and insisted that only representatives of the Normandy format attend the meeting: Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France. When the Russian Federation spoke out against this restriction, the “mediators” refused to participate in this meeting at all. Moreover, Berlin and Paris spoke out against broadcasting and archiving this event on the UN website.

Such a policy perfectly illustrates the true attitude of France and Germany to the situation in Donbass. The whole world has seen that these “guarantors” of the Minsk agreements contribute only to the fact that the people of Donbass remains unheard, and the truth about the negotiation process, implementation of the agreements within the Minsk agenda and the real situation at the line of contact has once again been hidden or twisted for the benefit of Ukraine, the real aggressor in this conflict.

Nevertheless, the UN Security Council meeting will take place despite the refusal of Germany and France to participate, it will be broadcasted at

We invite everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the residents of Donbass to join the stream of the historical event.