The AFU command, in violation of the Clause 3 of the additional ceasefire control measures, continues to deploy weapons and military equipment near residential buildings and municipal facilities, spokesman for the DPR PMD Pavel Fomenko reported during today’s briefing in Donetsk on December 2.

“Over the past 24 hours, two BMPs from the 72 separate mechanized brigade were deployed near School 4 on Yelagina Street in Avdeyevka.

We also found out that in accordance with the instructions from the headquarters of the Vostok Task Force, the command the 36th AFU separate marine brigade is conducting activating on laying additional minefields in their responsibility zone.

In addition, militants from the 36th AFU separate marine brigade continue to lay minefields in the immediate vicinity of Pavlopol, Chernenko, Gnutovo, Vodyanoye, Lebedinskoye and Sopino, which endangers the lives and health of local residents. At the same time, Ukrainian invaders who lay minefields wear civilian clothes,” the spokesman said.

He also noted that in order to prevent the OSCE SMM from registering an increase in the number of minefields, the 36th AFU separate marine brigade’s EW company has been tasked to jam the flight control and navigation channels of OSCE drones in the areas of Gnutovo and Lebedinskoye.

“According to our information, units of the Ukrainian 306th EW battalion recently received a Bivak experimental EW station, which was designed by the Iskra research and manufacturing complex. With its help, Ukrainian occupiers are planning to jam the radio signal of OSCE SMM cameras at the Mariupol front.