During the past day, the Ukrainian side four times violated the Complex of Additional Measures for ceasefire control, spokesman for the DPR PMD Colonel Eduard Basurin reported at the briefing in Donetsk on November 26.

“At the Donetsk front, militants from the 56th AFU brigade’s 23rd motorized infantry battalion fired 12 rounds with a grenade machine gun from their positions in the Opytnoye area, and used small arms in the direction of Spartak,” Eduard Basurin said.

Also, fighters from the 56th brigade were carrying out engineer work to retrofit their positions in the Peski area.

At the Mariupol front, eight 82mm mortar shells and six rounds, using grenade machine gun, were fired at Leninskoye from the 36th brigade’s positions in the Vodyanoye area.

The enemy adjusted the mortar fire by using a Mavic UAV, which was jammed by a Terikon-M2N EW station, after which the firing ended, which helped to avoid civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure.

“We call on OSCE SMM monitors to register the facts of ceasefire violation, as well as to give a public assessment of the aggressive actions of the Ukrainian side,” the colonel said.