Today, on July 27, during his visit to Gorlovka, Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin visited School 22, talked with the staff of the educational establishment and residents of the Kalininsky district, where the school is located, the press service of the DPR Head’s Administration reports.

Denis Pushilin got acquainted with the process of the repair work, inspected the sports ground on the premises of the school.

During his visit to the school, the Head of the Republic noted that we can follow the example of regions of the Russian Federation, where they pay great attention to repair works at educational establishments, and we should look up to this approach.

The school staff inquired about the upgrading of computer hardware and the provision of sports equipment. The Head of State stressed that the problems would be considered at the republic level as they concern not only Gorlovka, but other towns as well.

Then Denis Pushilin talked with local residents. In particular, they were concerned about ceasefire violations by Ukrainian armed forces, the possibility of leaving for Ukraine, reconstruction of houses, etc.

Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Public Utilities Sector Sergey Naumets added that in accordance with the DPR Development Program, 42 million rubles are allocated for thorough overhaul of the housing stock and social facilities in Gorlovka.

“For those facilities that fall under the Program, we need to allocate funds the sooner the better, and for those that are not included in this document, but require urgent repair, we need to look for opportunities to resolve the acute problems before those facilities are registered in the Program for overhaul,” Denis Pushilin summed up.