Despite the agreements reached at the Tripartite Contact Group talks in Minsk on July 22, the Ukrainian side is trying to break the peace in Donbass in every way, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate stated on July 27.

“Dissatisfied with Zelensky’s course towards a peaceful settlement of the conflict, the supporters of Poroshenko and the opposition accuse us of made-up attacks after the announcement of the comprehensive truce by involving the media and psychological-warfare forces for publicity.

During today’s briefing, the commander of the so-called Joint Forces Operation claimed that the DPR People’s Militia allegedly launched fire in the very first hour since the start-up of the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the indefinite ceasefire regime, which has been in force since July 21, 2019.

This statement is another misinformation action from the Ukrainian side, aimed at destabilizing the situation.

DPR People’s Militia units strictly comply with the commitments they have undertaken.

We strictly follow the agreements and once again declare that we are for peace in our land!

We call on international monitors and the public to get the military and political leadership of Ukraine to stop carrying out false flag operations and spreading fake information accusing the DPR”, the statement of the DPR PMD’s spokesman reads.