No enemy fire was reported for the past 24 hours, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Dmitry Astrakhan informed during the briefing on July 28.

However, the Ukrainian command is holding off on complying with the ceasefire requirements agreed upon during the talks in Minsk.

“Since the indefinite ceasefire came into force, our intelligence has been reporting that EW units of the armed forces of Ukraine have stepped up and jam the flight control of OSCE SMM drones in order to disable the special mission from tracking military equipment the AFU deploy in residential areas.

We have traced the operation of EW R-934B and Bukovel-AD stations from a flying squad of the 306th EW separate battalion, who were jamming the flight control of OSCE SMM drones in the vicinity of Naberezhnoye.

In addition, the 36th separate marine brigade deployed two BMPs in the yard of a separate house in Chermalyk, the 54th separate mechanized brigade deployed two MBPs near residential buildings in Avdeyevka,” Dmitry Astrakhan reported.