In the conditions of the worsening epidemiological situation with the spread of the coronavirus infection around the world and considering the seasonal increase in cold-related diseases, a range of preventive measures to combat COVID-19 has been developed and is being implemented in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

The epidemiological situation is constantly under special control of the leadership of the Republic. Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin held a televised meeting with health workers, where they discussed the situation with the spread of COVID-19.

“The situation associated with the threat of the spread of the coronavirus infection is difficult, it requires additional efforts and it disrupts our usual rhythm of life. On behalf of all citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic, I express my great gratitude to each of you. We thank each employee of the medical institution, from the chief physician to the nurse. You are real heroes and you proved this many times!

Today you are at the forefront of the fight against the invisible enemy. And this makes your work even more dangerous and harder. You are the example of patriotism, loyalty to duty and humanism. I thank all doctors who stayed at their combat posts, who did not abandon their patients, who did not run away, who were not afraid of difficulties, and, risking their health, save the lives of others,” the Head of the Republic stressed.

The Interdepartmental Operational Headquarters for the Prevention of the Importation and Spread of the new coronavirus infection coordinates the actions of ministries and departments in this area. Preventive measures provide for the limited entry of citizens to the Republic from Ukraine, where abysmal records on the number of cases of COVID-19 are registered every day.

For the treatment of citizens diagnosed with COVID-19, 37 hospital facilities have been opened in the Republic (7 of them in Donetsk), among which there are also converted treatment facilities. Work is under way to provide medical institutions and medical workers with protective gear and the necessary medical equipment. In the near future, the pharmacy chain should receive the necessary amount of medications that are in high demand among the population.

Students from Donetsk National Medical University are actively helping to fight the new coronavirus infection, including the work in the “red zones” at hospital facilities. Today, more than 700 students work in hospitals.

All medical staff get special training before they begin working at a COVID-19 hospital facility. All of the features that are required for such work are taken into account during the special training courses for medical professionals who are sent to the “red zones”. Such courses began in August at Donetsk National Medical University and were first attended by military doctors.

Recently, as part of the program of activities of the DPR Government, the Republic Center of Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the Donetsk People’s Republic received seven new C class ambulances on the basis of GAZel. All of them are equipped according to all regulations of intensive care ambulance.

There is an agreement with the Russian Federation on the provision of humanitarian aid to the DPR to improve the epidemiological situation, namely on the provision of medications and medical products (test systems and consumables for PCR tests, personal protective gear, disinfectants, 30 lung ventilators, 75 oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeters and other medical equipment) worth 258 million rubles. Part of the assistance has already been received by medical institutions, the main deliveries are expected in the nearest future.

“This is an invaluable and timely assistance in the fight against the coronavirus infection and pneumonia. Support from brotherly Russia will allow us to contain the spread of the epidemic, to save lives and health of our citizens. On behalf of the citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic, I deeply express my gratitude to the leadership and all the people of Russia for not leaving us alone with the invisible threat,” Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin stressed.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Donetsk People’s Republic of Russia also actively participates in preventive measures. Thus, in accordance with the decision of Head of the Republic Denis Pushilin, from October 28 to 29, units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are conducting complex training in the deployment of a medical camp for possible hospitalization of population infected with contagious diseases, in particular the coronavirus infection. Such drills are a necessary element in the personnel training system to hone coherent action between rescuer units and medical workers to prepare them for different scenarios.

Recall that officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations continue to carry out disinfection and special treatment of premises, territories and vehicles, where citizens could directly contact persons infected with.COVID-19. Beginning on April 2, disinfection measures have been carried out in 118 administrative buildings, 345 administrative premises, 37 separate houses, 36 apartments, 42 apartment building entrances, 3 stop pavilions, 3 stores, 1 car wash, 6 bus stations, 55 hospital territories, 94 hospital premises, 1 Mobile Medical Hospital, 4 kindergartens, 15 schools, 8 higher education institutions, 6 mine buildings, 1 humanitarian cargo and 877 vehicles.