Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic Natalya Nikonorova made a statement in connection with the resignation of Leonid Kuchma as head of the Ukrainian delegation to the talks in the Minsk format.

“We respect Leonid Kuchma’s decision to resign as head of the Ukrainian delegation. It is very important that he is leaving on a positive note, his last signature is on the letter supporting the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the ceasefire regime. As an experienced executive and diplomat, Leonid Kuchma was one of the few Ukrainian negotiators who demonstrated a constructive approach to the talks. Among other things, his balanced view made it possible to agree on the additional measures. But today, the issue of their implementation is particularly acute, therefore the parties are obliged to show their willingness to cooperate. We hope that Kuchma’s successors will get the right insights from the experience of his work in the Contact Group,” Natalya Nikonorova said.