Despite the additional measures for the enhancement and control of the effective indefinite ceasefire regime approved by Ukraine, militants of the armed forces of Ukraine broke the declared truce, spokesman for the DPR People’s Militia Directorate Dmitry Astrakhan reported during the briefing in Donetsk on July 30.

“One enemy attack was registered for the past 24 hours. Militants of the 54th separate mechanized brigade grossly broke the truce having opened small arms fire at our positions in the area of Yakovlevka,” Dmitry Astrakhan said.

In addition, he noted that in violation of the terms of the ceasefire, the command of the armed forces of Ukraine continues to ignore the ban on deployment of weapons in residential areas of populated localities and their vicinity in the territory they control, thus endangering the lives and health of civilians.

“For the past day, our intelligence traced one BMP in the territory of a residential yard in Nevelskoye, one tank in Aleksandropol, two BMP-1s near Taramchuk, one BMP in the territory of a residential yard in Novoselovka-2, one BMP in Granitnoye, three BMPs in residential areas of Bogdanovka, one BMP in the territory of a separate house in Pavlopol, one APC in the territory of a separate house in Shirokino,” the spokesman for the DPR PMD said.

When the public was informed that the AFU had deployed the military equipment near those localities, the enemy stepped up the electronic warfare against OSCE drones. For the past 24 hours, two flying squads from the 306th EW separate battalion and an EW company using R-934B and Bukovel-AD stations jammed the flight control of OSCE SMM drones in the areas of Chermalyk, Fedorovka and Novoselovka in order to prevent the disclosure of the armaments.