We hope that the new head of the Ukrainian delegation will approach the negotiation process constructively and will not be avoiding a direct dialogue with the Republics, the press service of the DPR Ministry of Foreign Affairs says. This is especially important now, when we have managed to achieve serious results in the implementation of the comprehensive ceasefire regime, when crucial issues of the political settlement are on the agenda. Since the Ukrainian party has undertaken to negotiate all legal aspects with the representatives of Donbass, further progress will fully depend on the readiness of the representatives of Kiev to work fruitfully.

“We hope that Leonid Kravchuk will not repeat the mistakes of Poroshenko’s regime, who made every effort to undermine the peaceful settlement with his intransigence and militaristic rhetoric. Instead, it is necessary to focus on the only possible way to reestablish peace in Donbas, that is, start implementing the Complex of Measures jointly with representatives of the Republics,” Natalya Nikonorova stated.